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About us

Welcome to Fatore, your gateway to a world of diverse opportunities. As a multifaceted company, we specialize in three distinct domains - commodity trading, diamonds, and aviation consultancy.

Commodity Trading: With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we navigate the intricate landscape of commodity trading. Our expertise encompasses an array of valuable resources, from precious metals like gold and base metals to essential agro products and energy resources. Backed by years of experience, our team ensures transparent, efficient, and secure transactions that create value for both buyers and sellers.

Rare Diamonds: At Fatore, we understand that diamonds embody timeless elegance and enduring value. Our diamond division is dedicated to sourcing, evaluating, and delivering exquisite diamonds of the highest quality. Whether you're seeking a symbol of love, an investment, or a unique addition to your collection, our selection is curated to meet your desires.

Aviation Consultancy: Navigating the aviation industry requires expertise and precision. Our aviation consultancy services offer tailored solutions to individuals and businesses. 

At Fatore, we pride ourselves on integrity, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Our commitment extends beyond transactions – it's about fostering lasting relationships built on trust and value. With a global perspective and a local touch, we invite you to explore the world of possibilities that Fatore brings to your fingertips.

Join us in shaping your future, making informed decisions, and elevating your aspirations. 

Our mission

At Fatore, we stand as a dynamic force in the world of commodities, rare diamonds, and aviation consultancy, driven by a singular mission: to create pathways to excellence, value, and innovation for our clients.

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